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It’s the thought that counts.

It's the thought that counts.

If you are reading this you are likely to have received a lovely bunch of flowers from a complete stranger.

We hope that you will enjoy them ‘It’s the thought that counts’ is as simple as the name suggests. A gratuitous offering of flowers to a stranger in order to view their reaction. We the public have become programmed to be so suspicious of the people around us, we guard our personal space against assumed threats and are generally confused by people who try and enter that space. (Unless it is after last orders on a Friday night and the guard is temporarily dropped)

‘It’s the thought that counts’ hopes to reawaken your sensibilities to the people around you, taking a small step towards increasing social engagement. This simple gesture we hope will improve your day. Everyone (well nearly everyone) loves flowers, people treat you differently when you carry a bunch of flowers, they smile, and they talk to you and not at you.

If you enjoyed receiving the flowers and would like to return the gesture to another stranger in the street, then please download the ‘It’s the thought that counts’ PDF file from the post below and go out and make someone smile.


Please download the ‘It’s the thought that counts’ PDF file and go out and make someone smile.

Click on the link: it’s the thought that counts


Private Eye

Private Eye

The Fine Parking Company, Saatchi & Saatchi and T Mobile all on page 11 of Private Eye Issue 1299 – what a coincidence…?


London Taxi, one interesting owner

London Taxi, one interesting owner

The Fine Parking Company commends a London Taxi on it’s excellent parking. Later we find out the driver wasn’t just any old London cabbie..

To Quote Mr Fry: “Got a parking ticket on my taxi today. Was v puzzled and cross: turned out to be from Anger melted into amusement.”


International Park(ing) Day

Here we go again – Three Green Dots are involved in bringing International Park(ing) Day to London, keep your eyes peeled around the Southbank and Waterloo on Friday 16th September, we’ll be paying and definitely displaying…

Three Green Dots is a platform that will illustrate our everyday situations in a new light, using simple interventions and installations that provoke thoughts in order to generate reactions.

We are currently living in a controlled environment , where our world is becoming increasingly  automated. We unknowingly cease to question what we are doing on a daily basis.

The objectives of the projects on this site are intended primarily to make you smile and to take a new look at the built environment in which we live, in order to view day to day situations and places in a different way and so change our perception of our surroundings.